Mona Shroff

Romance Author

Coming January 28, 2020

About Me


Mona was born in 1968 in New Jersey. She grew up in Bucks County in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Growing up she was a quiet kid and had few friends but she valued the quality of each of her friends, not the quantity of her friends.

She attended the University of Michigan and graduated with a degree in Biopsychology. Mona continued her education at the Pennsylavania College of Optometry, graduating in 1994 with her Doctorate in Optometry.

Mona married first (and only!) love, Deven, at the age of 25. Deven was a dentist in the army and they spent the next nine years travelling to different parts of the world and country.

Mona always loved to write, but did not get serious about it until 2011. She entered a contest where she had to start a short story with the words “Heads we get married, tails we break up”. She ended up losing the contest but she really loved the whole process of thinking up a plot and putting a thought down on paper. Her first novel, Heads or Tails, is a romance novel based on that prompt.

When she’s not writing or checking eyes or doing laundry or cooking dinner or chauffeuring around her children, she trains for triathlons and loves to bake. Her favorite part of a triathlon is the bike portion, with swimming a close second. She runs because it’s included in the race. Her current ‘claim to fame’ is a quick appearance on the Today Show in 2012 as a semi-finalist in the ‘Quest for the Best Homemade Birthday Cake’ Contest. She is currently looking to publish Heads or Tails, and has started work on her second novel.


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